For the past 14 weeks, we discussed and learned so much more about the 7 elements of design. We also went through numerous tutorials for all of these elements to have clearer and better understanding how each of the elements affect artworks. 

These elements of design, to some degree, were interrelated between the different disciplines of art: digital art, graphic design and photography. We now have an in depth knowledge about each of its importance and how the elements are used in different digital media. 

If you missed out all these elements of design and respective tutorials the first time, you’ll find the full list of them below. Click on the links for each and you’ll see the short blurb with introduction and definition of each element.

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Line is a mark or mass that is longer than it is wide. It is a starting point for most designs and creative expressions. If learning how to read starts with learning what the letters are, then learning how to make art starts with learning how to use line.

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Line Tutorials

You will find a few short tutorials to help you use LINE in illustrator. These tutorials are short and relatively easy to follow. 

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Shapes in art are made from lines and are presented in 2D. As soon as the end of your line comes back to meet its beginning, you have a shape!

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Shape Tutorials

Each tutorial has been chosen to help you further understand how to use SHAPE in illustrator and in your own art. Use these digital art ideas to try out the different types of shapes in art!

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It’s time to dive into color. Let’s say that we’ll just dip our toes into color. Color is used by designers to portray mood, light, depth, and point of view.

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Color Tutorials

The tutorials here will help you learn how to do digital art using color through illustrator in places like the color picker, swatches, and the color guide. You can use these tutorials to not only learn how to do some digital coloring, but also further your knowledge of illustrator!

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We are going to get a better understanding of the different types of value and how they can express feelings. Value is the lightness or darkness within an artwork, design, or picture. 

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Value Tutorials

These tutorials will show you how to do some digital art shading. So jump in and learn a bit more about value and how to do some shading in illustrator!

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Textures have a way of creating a memory for you, even when you aren’t actually touching them. Texture is how a surface feels or looks like it would feel.

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Texture Tutorials

Ready to learn how to add texture in Illustrator? In these digital art lesson tutorials you’ll take your artwork to the next level with Illustrator textures!

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Form is something that is or looks 3D. This is where you can bring some reality into your designs and artwork; it can turn the flat into the living. 

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Form Tutorials

If you’re looking for a simple illustrator project to get you started with forms, look no further! Check out the video tutorials here to learn some valuable skills. 

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Let’s attach a definition for space: the area above, around, or between the objects in the artwork, design or image. Easy enough, right?

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Space Tutorials

It is important to understand space in digital art, especially if you plan to make an artwork that has depth! Here are a couple digital art lessons that will help you in this endeavor!

It will be interesting and amusing to look over all these elements of design! Don’t forget to click through the links above to download the worksheets and view the full articles on each of them.

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