Hi! I’m Chelsea!

When I began teaching and learning graphic design and digital photography, I was frustrated to find that there was simply no curriculum available for art teachers who didn’t have much computer experience. It’s like an administrator building a pool and telling a gym teacher who can’t swim to teach students how to swim!

After coming back from my first maternity leave and finding that my students had done nothing while I was gone, I was horrified! I left very specific instructions for my sub, but not being a computer savvy individual, he couldn’t properly guide students to success.

That got me thinking… how could I help other art teachers get started in computer arts without having to jump through so many unnecessary hoops? Thus, Digital Art Teacher was born! It was designed to create a digital arts classroom that is student focused and individually paced. It includes everything from student worksheets, to grading rubrics, to short and slow paced video tutorials. 

I simply love helping art teachers thrive in the digital art world. I love to learn new things and am committed to creating a curriculum that will both challenge creativity and be relevant for today’s student.

I was the only art teacher at a small high school for 7 years. I taught general art, graphic design, digital photography, and yearbook. Currently, I stay home with my 4 children and focus my remaining time on the DAT community.

If you have any questions for me, email Chelsea@digitalartteacher.com to connect!