These tutorials are meant to go along with the How to Use the Right Kind of Shape in Art post from last week. Each tutorial below has been chosen to help you further understand how to use shape in illustrator and in your own art. Use these digital art ideas to try out the different types of shapes in art!

Curvature Tool, Selection Tool, and Direct Selection Tool in Illustrator


As a part of the “Learn the elements through Illustrator” series, this tutorial is in the middle of the 17 part tutorial series that talks about the elements of design. In it, I talk about how to create organic shapes with either the pen tool or the curvature tool. The finished product of the video encourages you to use your imagination and create some kind of picture with only organic shapes.

Making Geometric Shapes with the Shape Tool in Adobe Illustrator 2019


This tutorial also comes from the “Learn the elements through Illustrator” series. In this one I discuss using the actual shape tool and the different geometric shapes available. This video will also prompt you to create some kind of image, but this time using only geometric shapes.

How to draw in Illustrator with shapes & lines – Adobe Illustrator CC 2018


Ready to make a cute sleeping fox?! This tutorial is also part of a bigger tutorial series which the presenter will explain in the video. You will use mostly the shape tool, but you will learn some tips and tricks for transforming those shapes in interesting ways.

Adobe Illustrator: Creating Shapes & Icons


Making icons is an ideal place to start when talking about shape in illustrator. The written tutorial uses mainly the shape tool with a few tips and tricks with the direct selection tool. She also writes briefly about the difference between vector and raster, which may be a good refresher!

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