Digital collage is a great way to express yourself creatively, as shown by the five digital collage artists featured in our series over the last five weeks. All of these contemporary digital collage artists, whether they work with digital media or paper, are inventing new methods to make collage.

They will all inspire you, whether you want to build collages yourself or are just looking for unique images to help you think of fresh ideas. You can produce work that is fascinating, imaginative, and maybe even extraordinary if you are not afraid to try new things with it. You can achieve almost anything with digital technology!

We hope that these artists’ works have taught you that there is no reason not to let your wildest ideas become a reality.

If you missed out all these digital collage artist series collections the first time, you’ll find the full list of them below. Click on the links for each and you’ll see the short blurb with introduction of each digital collage artist.

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social image - Christian Barthold

Christian Barthold 

German creative director, artist, designer, and photographer Christian Barthold’s creations are a treasure trove of digital collage inspiration!  His artwork focuses mostly on combining different elements to create collages.

social image - Sebastian Onufszak

Sebastian Onufszak

Digital collage artist Sebastian Onufszak has been successful in using technology to create remarkable digital collage artworks. He has been contributing his expertise in the fields of static, interactive, and motion media through his work as a creative entrepreneur.

social image - Selman Hosgor

Selman Hoşgör

Selman Hoşgor is a London-based visual artist. His digital collages highlight the transformative element of the creative process by moving, dissolving, and reconstructing visual components, or GIFs.

social image - Maia Chavez Corzo

Maia Chávez Corzo

As fashion and textile designer who enjoys collage arts, Maia is an Argentine digital collage artist situated in Buenos Aires. The exceptional quality of her digital collage artwork was attributed to her technique of using an abundance of color, traditional techniques, and symmetrical balance.

social image - Becha


Becha is a freelance artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. Despite her professional education as a graphic designer, she concentrates on collage as her primary medium in digital art. Her work has been shown in a number of group exhibits in Stockholm, London, New York, and other cities across the world.

Enjoy the works of these brilliant digital collage artists as you learn something new! Don’t forget to click through the links above to download the worksheets and view the full articles on each of them.

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