Art exists solely for its own sake, and every piece of artwork has a personal agenda of the artist; a “magical” motive that inspired its creation, as is the case with the digital collage artwork Maia Chávez Corzo creates.  The exceptional quality of her digital collage artwork was attributed to her technique of using an abundance of color, traditional techniques, and symmetrical balance.

As fashion and textile designer who enjoys collage arts, Maia is an Argentine digital collage artist situated in Buenos Aires.

Her major interest in clothing and textiles lies in its historical and social perspective. With a self-taught style suitable for interdisciplinary work, Maia’s aesthetic sensibility and ability to intercede are constantly at the forefront of her design.

Maia’s objective is to establish a professional portfolio that will combine her education with the things that she is passionate about in a manner that is both consistent and fluid.

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