Surrealists perceive collage as a way to show what they consider the ultimate poetic process of the human psyche and the uniting of individual objects to create something new. This is where digital collage artist Vesna Pei (aka Becha) gets creative inspiration.

Becha is a freelance artist based in Novi Sad, Serbia. Despite her professional education as a graphic designer, she concentrates on collage as her primary medium in digital art.

Becha is a contributor to the digital art collective known as Depthcore, which is an international organization. Her work has been shown in a number of group exhibits in Stockholm, London, New York, and other cities across the world.

After gaining experience as an art director at Fried Pictures Studio in Belgrade for a few years, she currently works as a freelance artist and is represented by the agency Machas in the United Kingdom.

Her digital collage art pieces have been featured in several publications, including “Cutting edges,” (Gestalten Verlag), Computer Arts, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, and Digital Arts. She has had prior jobs with ELLE, Eni International, Telenor, Playboy, MTV, Yamaha, and Emirates Airlines, and many other publications and companies.

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