Collage was a major leap forward in the evolution of the cubist art movement, and as a result, it also marked a major milestone in the development of modernist art in the 20th century.

Sebastian Onufszak, a digital collage artist, has so far been able to harness the power of technology in order to create remarkable works of digital collage art using Photoshop.

The use of bright colors and fluid design are two characteristics that immediately set his work apart from that of other digital artists.

At the beginning of his career, Sebastian worked as a creative entrepreneur in the domains of print, digital, and motion media. Since 2001, he has been providing his expertise in the fields of static, interactive, and motion media to a diverse and wide range of high-end clientele from all over the world.

For motion graphics and other animation projects, he uses Photoshop as his main tool for creating illustrations, collages, style frames, and concept art.

However, what is really remarkable about Sebastian’s digital collage artworks is the fact that he has his own distinctive style and was able to utilize Photoshop in a variety of ways.

Not only does he use Photoshop in the process of turning ideas into digital collages, but he also incorporates numerous aspects from a wide variety of other tools, such as 3D modeling software and vector graphics.

Sebastian has landed projects with well-known brands as a byproduct of his expressive and one-of-a-kind style, which is notably shown in his digital collages. His commercial and personal work has appeared in a wide range of design exhibits and magazines worldwide.

During his time at university, Sebastian worked for a variety of studios and agencies. This provided him with the opportunity to gather expertise and allowed him to construct a comprehensive portfolio.

The environment, trends, and events that Sebastian has experienced throughout his life have all contributed to a shift in the digital collage art that he creates, notably in his style. These factors have influenced him to approach design differently, which has led to various results.

In several of his works, he combines different parts into a massive collage, which is a composition consisting of many picture layers, clipping masks, and adjustment layers. Sebastian places a high premium on the components’ maintaining visual cohesion with one another throughout the entire project.

Sebastian does not consider himself an artist who attempts to impose his own graphical style on a product, but rather a designer who makes use of his expertise in order to promote the product through the utilization of graphics.

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