Images are so powerful and Christian Barthold has created compelling digital collages to uphold women’s rights. These works were commissioned the American online magazine, Shagmag and deal with gender-sensitive issues. Each digital collage challenges how we value women and reject gender stereotypes.

Most of his work are combinations of different elements to bring together ideas that often turn out to be a collage. Experimenting is very important to him. His works are a gold mine of digital collage ideas!

He is an award-winning art director, illustrator, designer, and photographer based in Cologne, Germany. He won the Illustration category of the 11th European Newspaper Award in 2009. He actually didn’t apply for the award, but a client helped him get it. The winning piece was a series of collage works about nutrition.

He got his Communication Design Diploma from FH Mainz in 1995 and has mainly done illustrations since 1998. Today most of his work is illustrated. Some of his early works were book covers and Stock images that you can still see today.

As a creative, his talents are not limited to digital collage art. He is also a musician and composer. He plays the guitar and bass and loves jazz, experimental music, and improvisation. He has composed title track and further music for three movies: Balkonien, Rememo, and LoSound Desert.

He is truly gifted and one of the most prominent digital collage artists of our time. He also believes in this David Livingstone quote: I’m prepared to go anywhere, provided it to be forward.

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