What does your vantage point as a photographer have to do with taking pictures? A great deal! Where you stand in relation to your subject can make a big difference in how you subject is perceived. 

There are 3 different vantage points that I’ll talk about in this article: worm’s eye view, eye level, and birds eye view. Each view will change the way that you see the subject, so you want to choose the one that makes the most sense for your subject and situation.

Worm’s eye view:

This vantage point is taken from below the subject. When you take pictures from the worm’s eye view, it gives you subject a lot of power. Think of the term “looking down” on someone. It almost makes you subject look majestic, or at least very important.

Eye Level:

Most pictures that people take are taken at eye level. It is the most natural vantage point. It takes the least amount of effort and thinking. Eye level makes the subject most relatable. The viewer is on “the same level” as the subject.

Bird’s eye view:

If worm’s eye is below, and eye level is…well eye level, that makes the photographer above the subject in bird’s eye view. With this view, we are “looking down” at the subject. It can make the subject look small, and depending on the situation, less significant.

So, choose your vantage point wisely! There is a perfect vantage point for every subject. While these vantage points make a BIG difference when taking pictures of people, a fresh vantage point for an object can be the breaking point between a good picture and a GREAT picture.

This week’s assignment: 

Take 3 good pictures in different vantage points. Choose 3 subjects and dramatically display all three vantage points (birds, worm, and eye level). If you feel proud of you pictures, choose your best shot and post it to instagram with #vantagepoint. This is going to take a lot of pictures! Take at least 10 photos for each subject. Have fun!

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