Also known as close-up mode, macro mode is what allows you to get in super close on your images without getting blurry shots.

Most digital cameras (even the cheapest compact cameras) will have a macro mode function. What it does is make your aperture wider (small f/stop number) and your shutter speed slower so that the depth of field is very shallow. You will have to be sure to hold the camera very steady or use a tripod while using this mode because it will likely be blurry with the slightest movement.

This scene mode is usually represented by a little flower icon. This is likely because when you are taking pictures of a flower, you often want to get in close to get all the details.

But flowers aren’t the only things that a photographer might want to get close up and personal with. You can creatively use macro-mode for any number of subjects.

Close-up pictures have a way of grabbing attention and making your subject look more important than it really is.

This week’s assignment:

Take 3 good pictures using macro mode. The challenge in this photo assignment is to take pictures in such a way that the viewer DOES NOT know what your subject is. See if you can fool your friends! BUT REMEMBER to keep the rules of composition in mind while you take pictures. If you feel proud of your pictures, choose your best shot and post it to Instagram with #MacroMode. Take at least 10 photos for each subject. Time for your close-up!


If you like, you can just change your aperture to a low f/stop number while taking these shots. You can switch to the “Av” mode or the “M” mode to make this happen. By doing this, you can control how much depth you get in your pictures. The lower the f/stop number, the shallower the depth of field. You may have to change to a manual focus setting to be sure that the camera focuses on what you want it to.

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