A national and international success, Milton Glaser is an artist who has worked on an array of projects that span much wider than printed materials.

Glaser was born in New York City on June 26, 1929.  He discovered at an early age that drawing was the thing that brought him the most joy and there was nothing else he would rather do.  Older aged children discovered he could draw and would pay him a nickel for his drawings. He attended the High School of Music and Art and later graduated from the Cooper Union School of Art.  Finally, after receiving a scholarship, Glaser attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy.

In 1954, Glaser, along with three other people, founded Pushpin Studios.  They studied the graphic arts that had been produced in the previous time periods and changed the ideas by adding humor, decorative design, and fresh illustrations.  They worked on posters, magazines, book covers, and record sleeves. After 20 years, he left the Studio to focus on other projects.

In 1968, along with Clay Felker, Glaser started New York Magazine.  The magazine became the model for city magazines, and prompted many imitations.  In 1983, Glaser was half of a partnership that started a publication design firm in New York City, WBMG.  The firm is pleased to have been successful in designing more than 50 journals, newspapers, and magazines.

In 1974, Glaser opened his own design firm, Milton Glaser, Inc.  Their specialties included logos, brochures, and signage.  They also produced environmental and interior design, helping to create identities for large corporations.  Some of his clients include Target, Eleven Madison Park, and JetBlue. Glaser was in charge of the design of the Observation Deck and Permanent Exhibition for the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in 1975.  He was also commissioned by the state of New York to create the infamous “I Love New York” logo in 1976. 

Glaser’s work has been on display in America, Paris, and Italy.  He has been on the Board for, and an instructor, of the School of Visual Arts.  He was Vice President of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, and the International Design Conference.  In 2004, he was awarded the National Design Award for Lifetime Achievement, and President Barack Obama presented him the National Medal of Arts in 2009.

When looking at a man such as Milton Glaser, who has achieved much in his many years of designing, you may wonder how you can relate… Just remember, everyone has to start somewhere. Glaser discovered at a young age that he loved drawing and technically, his career started with nickels! Whether nickels or pennies, let Glaser’s humble beginnings spark your creativity and spur you on to do what you love, whatever it may be.

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