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Celebrate World Art Day With These Powerful World Famous Photographers!

Throughout history, art has been a powerful tool for storytelling and self-expression. It can give voice to the voiceless, shine a light on social injustice, and capture the beauty and wonder of the world around us. Art is an important part of our world. It can make us feel more emotions than we ever thought possible. It can make us think about things in new and different ways. It can even help us to understand other cultures better.



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World Famous Photographers: Masked Wrestler Photography With Lourdes Grobet

The goal of documentary photography is to show viewers something interesting about humanity. The subject is not just a collection of visual details; it is a story the photographer is waiting to tell. Lourdes Grobet accomplished all of this, and as a result, she captured and engaged her audience with her works.



social image - Lourdes Grobet

World Famous Photographers: Iranian Photography With Shirin Neshat

A photograph's content alone can convey its meaning, and Shirin Neshat was able to master that skill and apply this element to her works, which made her photography pieces universally appealing and accessible to its viewers.



social image - Shirin Neshat

World Famous Photographers: Powerful Portrait Photography with Yousuf Karsh

To succeed as a photographer requires dedication and devotion to the craft. To master it requires attention to detail, often in the face of difficult challenges. Capturing someone's spirit in a single moment can be challenging, but Yousuf Karsh immortalized this in his works.



social image - Yousuf Karsh

World Famous Photographers: Unique Contemporary Photos with Loretta Lux

Being different and obsessed with creativity is part of what it means to be an artist. If there is one theme that really resonates through Loretta Lux's work of photography, it's the ability to express herself. 



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World Famous Photographers: Candid Photography with Jacques-Henri Lartigue

Perhaps the best way for artists to live creatively is to push themselves further and further, until something special happens. Such was the case for Jacques-Henri Lartigue, who went from taking documentary-style shots of sporting events, to making abstract paintings, and eventually to developing photographs with a deep surrealistic quality.



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World Famous Photographers: Hiroshi Sugimoto Creates Sensational Lightning Photography

For all its appeal, photography may appear to be an impersonal and rather creative medium. Yet, using techniques developed over time, you can achieve a more organic, unique style in your photographs, as Hiroshi Sugimoto has done in his photography works.



social image - Hiroshi Sugimoto

How To Use Different Types Of Balance In Digital Art

There are many different types of balance that can be used in digital art, and each has its own unique effect. Some of the most common types of balance include symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial. By understanding these different types of balance, you can create a piece that is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.



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How to Make Fun Digital Art with Asymmetrical Balance

After discussing symmetrical and radial balance, asymmetrical bala



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How to Make Fun Digital Art with Radial Balance

Last week I introduced balance and dove head-first into symmetrical balance. This week we’ll be taking a look at radial balance art. 



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