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How to Make Fun Digital Art with Radial Balance

Last week I introduced balance and dove head-first into symmetrical balance. This week we’ll be taking a look at radial balance art. 



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How to Make Fun Digital Art with Symmetrical Balance

If you haven’t noticed, I like to start the year with a blog dedicated to returning to the basics.



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What Movies or Documentaries Can You Show at School? Get the List!

We’ve got a really short post this week and it will be the last one that I write for this semester. So if you look for them every week, just know that I’ll be coming back again in January with more helpful thoughts/materials that you can use in your digital classroom!



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What is a Good Photography Series That You Can Show at School?

Back by popular demand is another installment of movies to show in the classroom! Last spring I reviewed some of the short artist photo series from The Art of Photography YouTube Channel.



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Types of Light in Photography: Do You Need a Light Direction Unit?

Photography is a form of art that can be used to capture anything in the world. It may not seem like it, but light plays an important role in what makes a good photo. It permits us to bring information and, more importantly, emotion in an image. In order to create a successful photo that people will enjoy viewing for many years, it’s essential to know how light can affect your picture.



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Types of Light in Photography: What Should You Know Before You Shoot?

We’ve been discussing the effect of light in the past two posts (Light Direction and Hard Lighting vs Soft Lighting



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Types of Light in Photography: How Does Light Direction Change the Mood?

Light, as you may know, is a fundamental part of photography. Often for beginners, the direction of light is accidental.



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Types of Light in Photography: Should You Use HARD or SOFT Light?

As you may already know, the literal meaning of photography is “drawing with light”. Light is the key ingredient in all photography, without which it would be impossible to capture images.



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5 Fantastic Digital Collage Artists for You to Appreciate

Digital collage is a great way to express yourself creatively, as shown by the five digital collage artists featured in our series over the last five weeks. All of these contemporary digital collage artists, whether they work with digital media or paper, are inventing new methods to make collage.



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How Surreal Digital Collages Make for Interesting Content with Becha

Surrealists perceive collage as a way to show what they consider the ultimate poetic process of the human psyche and the uniting of individual objects to create something new. This is where digital collage artist Vesna Pei (aka Becha) gets creative inspiration.



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