We’ve got a really short post this week and it will be the last one that I write for this semester. So if you look for them every week, just know that I’ll be coming back again in January with more helpful thoughts/materials that you can use in your digital classroom!

Last week I reviewed the rest of the videos from YouTube Artist Series from The Art of Photography channel. This week, I wanted to share my ongoing movies database. I have only reviewed a handful of movies so far, but I plan to add to this document as time goes on so that you can have a good inventory of quality movies to pull from.

In the free download below you’ll find documentaries for not only photography, but also graphic design and general art. In the blog posts linked on the database, I have outlined each video with where to stream it from, any questionable content in the video, and a question or two that you can use as a class discussion.

Here’s a list of all the documentaries that can be found on the database I’ve compiled that can be shown in your classroom:

So if the end of the year is super crazy for you, just click the button below to get the list of movies that I have reviewed for you, choose one and click play! 

You can have your kids use the downloadable film guides that go along with each video (or just give them a break as they enjoy the show). Just make sure that they’re not falling asleep!

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You can enter your email below to get the movie database, or purchase the database AND the full set of film guides for just $1.99 (a 7.99 value)!

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