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NFL Logo History: 12 Teams, 12 Logos

This marks the end of our series on Football Logos. I find it so interesting the way that logos change over the years!

As we have looked through 12 of the most recognizable sports logos in America, I've loved seeing how each logo has evolved into a more simple, memorable logo that fans across the country can recognize.

Below you’ll find a list of Football logos which we’ve studied throughout this fall. Click on the links for each and you’ll see the short blurb with related facts about each logo.



NFL Logo History: 12 Teams, 12 Logos

NFL Logo History: Buffalo Bills vs Cleveland Browns

Thank you for joining us as we take a look at some NFL logo history!   Each week we will examine two different NFL team logos.  We will explore old NFL logos, colors, and history.  This week we are looking at the Buffalo Bills logo history and the Cleveland Browns logo history.  Let’s dive in!



NFL Logo History: Detroit Lions vs New England Patriots
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