NFL Logo History Unit


Students will learn about 12 NFL logos and analyze what makes them good logos. Namely, how is a logo simple, memorable, appropriate, timeless, and versatile. This unit would be a good companion to the Personal Logo Design unit in illustrator.

  • Lesson Plan_PDF
  • Presentation_PDF
  • Project Outline_PDF
  • Broncos and Buccaneers Worksheet_PDF
  • Bears and Eagles Worksheet_PDF
  • Bills and Browns Worksheet_PDF
  • Chiefs and Falcons Worksheet_PDF
  • Dolphins and Packers Worksheet_PDF
  • Lions and Patriots Worksheet_PDF
  • Broncos and Buccaneers Worksheet Key_PDF
  • Bears and Eagles Worksheet Key_PDF
  • Bills and Browns Worksheet Key_PDF
  • Chiefs and Falcons Worksheet Key_PDF
  • Dolphins and Packers Worksheet Key_PDF
  • Lions and Patriots Worksheet Key_PDF
  • Review_PDF
  • Test_PDF
  • Test Key_PDF