Famous Mexican Photographers of the Century: Why documenting society is important


This is a companion to the Famous Latino Photographers blog series. You can have students read each article and then discuss them one at a time, or just discuss it without reading the articles. This would be an excellent “bell work” activity.

  • Lesson Plan_PDF
  • Presentation_PDF
  • Adorno Worksheet_PDF
  • Iturbide Worksheet_PDF
  • Larrain Worksheet_PDF
  • Lopez Worksheet_PDF
  • Meyer Worksheet_PDF
  • Rosas Worksheet_PDF
  • Adorno Worksheet Key_PDF
  • Iturbide Worksheet Key_PDF
  • Larrain Worksheet Key_PDF
  • Lopez Worksheet Key_PDF
  • Meyer Worksheet Key_PDF
  • Rosas Worksheet Key_PDF
  • Student Reflection Sheet_PDF
  • Test_PDF
  • Test Key_PDF
  • Review_PDF