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3 tips for finding AWESOME pattern in photography

Pattern is something that you see EVERYWHERE. Not only art, but in nature, architecture, product design, even science! Why do you think that they stress learning patterns as early as kindergarten! It is important!

Finding pattern in photography is not hard, it just takes a little extra intentional observation. Take a leaf for example. Any leaf will do. Look at the way that the veins on a leaf. Notice how they methodically trace themselves back to the central vein and into the stem. That’s pattern! 

image source

Or look at the windows on any building. Notice how there are the same amount of bricks between each window. Or look at the bricks themselves! Methodically placed and spaced the same distance apart. Pattern!

image source

Any average Joe can notice photography patterns, but it take a photographer to make the ordinary seem extraordinary! Check out my tips below for finding and capturing the pattern around you:

  1. Fill the frame. When you find a good pattern, position your camera so that the pattern completely fills the frame of the image. This makes it look like the pattern goes on forever!grate


  2. Try an angle. Many shots can look good from a straight on view, but sometimes if you shift your camera to the side a little, you can find some leading lines which can add visual interest to your image.bamboo


  3. Break the pattern. So you’ve found an amazing pattern, now see if you can add even more visual interest by breaking it! Imagine seeing a picture of 50 orange Skittles with one blue one in the lower third. Patterns can be broken in a number of ways (change the color, the texture, the shape, form, etc).pens breaking pattern

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