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Mystifying Illusions. Learn how to mold two animals together to make a mythological-like creature!

Students will learn how Greek mythology affects design today and create their own little mythological creature in Photoshop.

Lesson Resources

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  • Lesson Plan (PDF)
  • Presentation (PDF)
  • Assignment (PDF)
  • Project Outline (PDF)
  • Project image 1 (JPEG)
  • Project image 2 (JPEG)
  • Example 1 (JPEG)
  • Example 1 Subject (PSD)
  • Example 2 (JPEG)
  • Example 2 Subject (PSD)
  • Finished Example 1 (PSD)
  • Finished Example 1 (JPG)
  • Finished Example 2 (PSD)
  • Finished Example 2 (JPG)
Part 1: Setting up
Part 2: Placing the pig head
Part 3: Changing the color
Part 4: Bringing back details
Part 5: Removing parts with the cloning stamp