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Photoshop Introduction

In this lesson students will learn the basic tools and techniques for functioning in Photoshop. Included are 15 video tutorials and 5 detailed Photoshop worksheets for students to work through.

Lesson Resources

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  • Lesson Plan (PDF)
  • Presentation (PDF)
  • Vocabulary (PSD)
  • Worksheet Part 1 (PSD)
  • Worksheet Part 2 (PSD)
  • Worksheet Part 3 (PSD)
  • Worksheet Part 4 (PSD)
  • Worksheet Part 5 (PSD)
  • Grade Sheet (PDF)
  • Test (DOCX)
  • Test Key (PDF)
Part 1: Opening the program (ws1)
Part 2: Explaining the different parts (ws1)
Part 3: Saving as a JPEG (ws1)
Part 4: Using rectangular and elliptical selection tools (ws2)
Part 5: Quick Selection tool and Magic Wand (ws2)
Part 6: Lasso Tool (ws2)
Part 7: quick look at the Layers Palette (ws3)
Part 8: Rearranging Layers (ws3)
Part 9: Putting Layers into groups (ws3)
Part 10: Using the Crop tool (ws4)
Part 11: Removing blemishes and spots (ws4)
Part 12: Remove writing from an image (ws4)
Part 13: Removing Red Eye (ws4)
Part 14: Brightening up an image (ws5)
Part 15: Reducing noise (ws5)