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Yikes! What happened to you?! Teach your kids (or yourself) how to make yourself into an alien...or something...

In this lesson, students will first learn a little about a career as a special effects artist, then they will do some special effects to their own face!

Included with this lesson are the images I used for the tutorial, but feel free to have them use their own photos, but I would suggest that you take the pictures yourself.

Lesson Resources

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  • Lesson Plan (PDF)
  • Presentation (PDF)
  • Assignment outline (PDF)
  • Project outline (PDF)
  • Project file - image (JPG)
  • Project file - goat horns (JPG)
  • Example- Beat up face (PSD)
  • Example- makeup and hair color (JPG)
  • Example- Eye color and ears added (JPG)
  • Example- Beat up face (JPG)
  • Example- horns and red skin (JPG)
  • Example- hair color (JPG)
  • Example- missing eye (JPG)
  • Example- missing mouth (JPG)
  • Example- missing nose (JPG)
Part 1: Making bruises and black eyes
Part 2: Making a split lip
Part 3: Making a split lip
Part 4: Changing brush attributes for a bloody nose
Part 5: Blending blood for a nose bleed
Part 6: Creating a scar, downloading a brush
Part 7: Creating a scar using a cracked brush
Part 8: Moving a scar on the face
Part 9: Making red eyes
Part 10: Add and remove an eye
Part 11: Removing lips and nose
Part 12: Selecting the hair for color change
Part 13: Hair color change
Part 14: Makeup! lip color
Part 15: Makeup and eye color
Part 16: Adding appendages onto the head
Part 17: Resizing and cutting out appendages for the head
Part 18: skin color change
Part 19: Last blending touch ups