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Digital Art 1 Final

For this final exam, students will recreate an image two times. Once in Illustrator and once in Photoshop. They can use any of the resources available and any techniques that they think will work best for the image they chose. Once they finish, write a summary of what they've done and explain how the image they recreated has 2 or more of the elements of design.

Below you'll find the resources for this unit and 2 videos showing how I walked through one of the images in both programs.

Lesson Resources

You can purchase the resources for this lesson or subscribe for access to the entire site curriculum.

  • Review Page (DOC)
  • Review Page (PDF)
  • Student Instruction (PDF)
  • Teacher Guide (PDF)
  • 8 project images (PNG)
Final Example in Photoshop
Final Example in Illustrator