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introduction to photoshop

This lesson will lead students through learning how to use the Photoshop program.  There are 15 video tutorials which lead them through 5 photoshop worksheets. They will learn how to make simple edits to photos, use the move tool, use the selection tool, understand how layers work, and more!

Lesson Resources

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  • Lesson Plan (PDF)
  • Color Wheel Presentation (PDF)
  • Color Wheel Assignment (PDF)
  • Color Wheel Example (PSD)
  • Color Scheme Presentation (PDF)
  • Starry Skies (PSD)
  • Color Scheme Practice Assignment (PDF)
  • Color Scheme Example (PSD)
  • Project Example single image (PSD)
  • Project Example multiple images (PSD)
  • Test (PDF)
Color Wheel- Part 1: An introduction
Color Wheel- Part 2: Choosing colors
Color Wheel- Part 3: Making Shades
Color Wheel- Part 4: Making Tints
Color Wheel- Part 5: Making Intensities
Color Schemes- Part 1: Getting started and finding resources
Color Schemes- Part 2: Finding colors or using "Hex" numbers
Color Schemes- Part 3: Pop Art Portrait, Adjustment Layers and Layer opacity
Color Schemes- Part 4: Pop Art Portrait, Blending Modes
Color Schemes- Part 5: Pop Art Portrait, Multiplying the image