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Christmas Card!

This lesson was created for those over achiever or fast workers. You don't want them to miss a minute of learning right? This lesson was designed to build on techniques they have already learned. Students will create a Christmas card that will show an excellent understanding of typography, CRAP techniques, and elements of design.

I have listed some links that are helpful for creating Christmasy shapes: (reindeer, snow globe, stocking). They will need to have an understanding of gradient, the video tutorials give a short introduction of gradient and gradient mesh.

Good luck! Have fun!

Lesson Resources

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  • Lesson Plan (PDF)
  • Project Outline (PDF)
  • Example Card (AI)
  • Example Tutorial 1 (AI)
  • Example Tutorial 2 (AI)
  • Example Tutorial 3 (AI)
How to Use the Fill and Gradient Tool
Introduction to the Mesh Tool and Creating a Mesh