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Digital Collage Unit

Students will create a digital collage inspired by the Dadaism art movement that expresses their unique personality. They will use their own photography and/or internet images to create a collage that represents at least 5 things about their lives and personality.

Lesson Resources

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  • Lesson Plan (PDF)
  • Presentation (PDF)
  • Project Outline (PDF)
  • Grading Rubric (PDF)
  • Example 1 (JPEG)
  • Example 2 (JPEG)
  • Written Example (DOC)
  • Review (PDF)
  • Test (PDF)
  • Test Key (PDF)
  • Barthold Worksheet (PDF)
  • Barthold Answer Key (PDF)
  • Becha Worksheet (PDF)
  • Becha Answer Key (PDF)
  • Corzo Worksheet (PDF)
  • Corzo Answer Key (PDF)
  • Hoşgör Worksheet (PDF)
  • Hoşgör Answer Key (PDF)
  • Onufszak Worksheet (PDF)
  • Onufszak Answer Key (PDF)
1. The Brainstorming Process and Finding Pictures to Use
2. Create Your File and Make an Exact Photo Cut Out
3. Creating an Artistic Photo Cut Out
4. Using the Principles of Design to Create Good Composition
5. Using Layers and Free transform to Create Good Composition
6. Extra Artistic Elements with Borders
7. Extra Artistic Elements with Non-Photo Elements
8. Extra Artistic Elements with photo colorizing and texture
9. Using Masks to Merge Two Images