2. Learn Design Elements through Illustrator

Learn Elements through Illustrator

This lesson is designed to teach not only how to use Adobe Illustrator, but also to learn the elements of design. There is a sketchbook assignment component that will help students recognize the elements of design in existing designs.

Lesson Resources

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  • Lesson Plan and Presentation (PDF)
  • Lebel Parts (PDF)
  • Sketchbook Assignments (PDF)
  • Illustrator Assignments (PDF)
  • Finished Project (AI)
  • Finished Project (PNG)
  • Elements Test (PDF)
Part 1: Introduction to Illustrator
Part 2: Setting up the project, making a line
Part 3: Setting up the project, titling the page
Part 4: Line, pen tool
Part 5: Using the shape tool, setting up an dartboard
Part 6: Organic shapes using the pen tool
Part 7: Color wheel using shape tool
Part 8: Color wheel embellishments using the move tool
Part 9: Value scales set-up with shape tool
Part 10: Value scales with the color picker
Part 11: Texture, using the clipping mask
Part 12: Space, white space that is