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2. Learn Design Elements through Illustrator

This lesson is designed to teach not only how to use Adobe Illustrator, but also to learn the elements of design. There is a sketchbook assignment component that will help students recognize the elements of design in existing designs.

Lesson Resources

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  • Lesson Plan (PDF)
  • Presentation (PDF)
  • Illustrator Checklist (PDF)
  • Illustrator Grade Sheet (PDF)
  • Label Parts Key (PDF)
  • Label Parts Worksheet (PDF)
  • Sketchbook Checklist (PDF)
  • Sketchbook Grade Sheet (PDF)
  • Review (PDF)
  • Test (PDF)
  • Test Key (PDF)
  • Example Illustrator Assignment (AI)
  • Lesson images (zipped file)
Introduction: High School Elements of Design Unit and Illustrator CC 2019 Overview Video
1. Illustrator CC 2019 Parts of the Window Description Video
2. Using Guides, Rulers, the Zoom Tool, and Artboards in Illustrator CC 2019
3. Using the Line tool, Color Picker, and Keeping Things Consistent with Shift
4. Using the Text Tool and Aligning text to guides in Adobe Illustrator CC
5. Character Panel in Adobe Illustrator 2019
6. Understanding Color Hex Numbers in Adobe Illustrator 2019
7. A Simple introduction to the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator 2019
8. Curvature Tool, Selection Tool, and Direct Selection Tool in Illustrator
9. Making Geometric Shapes with the Shape Tool in Adobe Illustrator 2019
10. Making guides with the Polar Grid Tool in Adobe Illustrator 2019
11. Typing in a Curve with the Arch Tool and Spiral tool in Adobe Illustrator 2019
12. Building a 12 Step Color Wheel in Illustrator CC video
13. Finding Hue, Value, and Intensity in the Color Picker in Illustrator CC
14. All the Different Keyword Commands to Copy/Paste in Illustrator CC Video
15. Understanding the “K” in CYMK to Change Value in Illustrator CC Video
16. Using the Clipping Mask with Text in Illustrator CC Video
17. Using the Rectangular Grid Tool to Make a Square Grid in Illustrator CC Video