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Rubber Band Spine Cardboard Sketchbook

This is a very simple method for a classroom sketchbook. It can be any size you want, but I always made mine about the size of a regular sheet of paper because this makes it easy for students to tuck extra worksheets inside the cover.

However, a caution on that, sometimes, they find this to be a handy place to keep…everything! Math assignments, permission slips from two weeks ago, gum wrappers…you name it!

3 CHEAP and EASY Techniques for Sketchbook-Making

Three cheap and easy techniques for sketchbook-making

I have never required my students to buy sketchbooks for my class. It is not that I have anything against purchased sketchbooks, on the contrary, one of my favorite smells is a freshly cracked spine of a new sketchbook.

Creative First Day of School Solutions

Every teacher and their dog has their “expectations” for the classroom, but there are a few things that I like to do on the first day of school to get the kids oriented to my art classroom.

These tips are geared toward high school students, but some of these could be implemented for younger kids as well.

1st day of school

What is Creativity?

Creativity. It is to art (and life) as chocolate is to milk. If art lacks creativity, it's only a pretty picture to hang on the refrigerator. Pretty pictures are nice, but a creative artwork is worth so much more.


1 Minute Illustrator Overview

Don’t make Adobe Illustrator this big ugly hard thing that you can’t do because you don’t understand it. Like all things worth learning, it is going to take some time to learn all the nuances of the program.


But here is a quick introduction to help you on your way that may make the learning curve shorten a bit:


Illustrator Menu Bar, the Nuts and Bolts

The menu bar is like the nuts and bolts for the Illustrator program. You can find some of the same functions in the menu bar as well as you can in the option bar and the floating palette.

However, the menu bar is the only place that you can save, save as, open, create a new document, and all the document set up that you may need.

When you get more comfortable with illustrator, you may not even need to use the menu bar. If you look to the right of many of the menu items, you will find a keyboard shortcut. This can be really helpful when you are doing repetitive tasks.

illustrator menu

IT'S HERE!!! High School Graphic Design in Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorial!!! FREE!!!

Disclaimer: This is an old post. If you are interested in graphic design lessons, go to the "All Lessons" tab to preview my lesson resources. Thanks!


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