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That First Month of Graphic Design

I already briefly went over my first day of school, but I wanted to talk about the first month or so some of the specific classes that I taught. I already briefly went over my first day of school, but I wanted to come back to it again and discuss some of the specific classes. Looking back on this has really shown me how much I have grown and learned in the past 7 years. It has really been an enlightening experience for me.

With nearly every class I taught, I would play the "what if" game.

Surviving that first month of teaching graphic design.

Getting prepared: The summer before that first year teaching

As I entered the summer before my first year teaching, I was excited and I thought that I was prepared. My schedule was full; I would be teaching graphic design 1 and 2, digital photography, Art 1, 2, and 3, and yearbook. Writing it all out like that sounds overwhelming, but by the end of the summer, I had done some research and made some plans for the first month or two of class and I felt relatively confident.

Getting prepared: The summer before that first year teaching

How it all started

I want to back up a little this semester and talk a bit about my first years of teaching to encourage those of you who might be in that situation currently and provide a little nostalgia for my veteran teachers!

how it all started: Tips for your first interview for the art teacher hopeful

SIMPLE Portrait Photography

portrait examplesIt’s ALIVE! So you have taken still life photos, are you ready to delve into photographing something that moves?!

Simple portrait photography for beginners

Capturing Texture

texture examplesFinding texture in photography adds a certain appeal to your images. Everything you see has a texture, and photographing to capture that texture can make your images much more relatable to the viewer.

How to use texture to both show surface detail and give background information about an object.

Still Life Photography

Still Life ExamplesStill life photography can sometimes be seen as an ancient, lost art, but you see still life photography everywhere today.

How to choose items to photograph for a still life photo.

Using Natural Light

Natural light examples Being as the definition of photography is literally “to draw with light” (in Latin), you better believe that controlling light is really important! There are lots of different directions we could study when talking about light in photography, but for now, we are just going to study one category: natural light.

Learn why using NATURAL LIGHT is an excellent option for beginner photographers.

Space, the Final Frontier (Ok...Not Really)

Negative Space ExamplesEmphasizing negative space is an excellent tactic for a photographer. The negative space is the “not stuff” part of your image. It is what allows the viewer to really focus on the subject.

How to make your image subject really pop by emphasizing negative space.

Using Lines to Make Photos More Dynamic

Lines examplesOne of the most eye-catching things that you can do with your photography is use leading lines. These lines could look solid (like train tracks) or they could be “psychic”, like a person pointing across the picture at something. Whatever you choose to do, your lines should lead the eye into the picture.

Use lines in your photography to help lead the eye and grab attention!

Macro-mode, or close-up shots

Three great examples using macro-modeAlso known as close-up mode, macro mode is what allows you to get in super close on your images without getting blurry shots.

How to use Macro-Mode to take Close-up shots.