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How To Take Pictures that Tell a Story and See Amazing Results

Story telling in photography...I would argue that every photograph you take tells a story. How well the story is told, however, depends on the skill and creativity of the photographer.

Confused? Take this photo for example:



3 tips for telling stories with your photography

What is Candid Photography? 6 Tips to Improve your Photos!

So the last article was all about how to use a flash…well now we are going to throw all of that out the window! For candid photography, you want to almost be sneaky. Not because you are doing something wrong... no, no, but because you are trying to catch people without them knowing you're taking their picture.



What is Candid Photography? 6 Tips to Improve your Photos!

Flash Photography: How to Take Astounding Photos with Your External Camera Flash

As promised, today we are going to talk about using an external flash on your DSLR camera. Scroll to the end of this post for a FREE project outline about using your speedlight.

There are SO MANY resources on how to use a speedlight (or external) flash, so I am going to give you some quick tips for using your external flash when you are just starting out.

This post is going to focus on how to use a speedlight as it sits on the top of your camera. NOT mounted on a side stand. 




How to use a SPEEDLIGHT

Flash Photography: How to Take Impressive Photos with your on Camera Flash

In past blog posts, I praise the use of natural light in photography. But what if there is just not enough light? 

Yes, a flash would be required. (And it’s not a bad word. Despite the fact that I usually avoid it at all costs…)



Built in flash

Where is the light coming from?!

One of the ways that you can excel in your photography skills is to study what others have done.

Sometimes just perusing some professionals is helpful to gain some inspiration and to study good photography. (I love to just peruse to find some inspiration sometimes!)

Start by asking some technical questions:




Light Direction in photography

How to give EXTRA CREDIT without seeming like a pushover!

How many times have you heard: “How can I get extra credit in your class?”

Usually, at least in my experience, this question comes 2 days before the end of term from a student who is 2% away from the next letter grade and is desperately trying to raise it just enough to make the grade or even to pass my class.

So here’s how I handle it: I say, “Yes! Absolutely! Go take pictures at some school events…though I’m not sure how many school events are planned for the next 2 days.”



Giving extra credit in a photography class

7 Ways to Take Attractive Alphabet Pictures

Have you ever seen those abstract letter photos? They’ve been around for a while, but they are still a fun unique gift. So how do you take cool photos like that? Well, I’m so glad you asked!

Alphabet photography is essentially taking pictures of objects that look like letters. One good technique for making letter photos is in using the macro-mode. (Here is a link to my macro-mode blog post.) But that doesn't mean that every letter you find has to use macro mode!



7 Ways to Take Attractive Alphabet Pictures

11 Advanced Photography Exercises for High School Students

Whew! Eleven advanced photo assignments...did you try them all?

As I explored through these photography assignments again, I had so much fun taking new photos and applying the techniques right alongside you!

If you didn’t join in on all the fun, you’ll find the full list of photo prompts we explored below. Click on the links for each and you’ll see the short blurb with related tips and tricks for each prompt.

11 Advanced Photography Exercises for High School Students

Here's what I'm afraid to tell you...

Has school started!? Summer sure went by fast…as usual…(why is it always surprising when school starts? It’s not like it’s unexpected, yet every year it seems to creep up on me…)

Digital Art Teacher 2018 FALL SALE!
Stay at home mom blog

What do You do with Your Summer?

Summer is HERE!!! Woohoo! Praise the Lord and hallelujah! 

…so what are you doing? Below are some ideas and some things that I have done to make the best of my summer, because they go by quick!

Option 1: Vedge

Sit around and do nothing! Literally. This was certainly my approach after my first year teaching! I felt like doing nothing and I did nothing. Not for the whole summer…but for the first month or so I have no shame in admitting that I was highly unproductive (which is unusual for me, I am the get it done and finish the to-do list kind of girl!)

Summer activities for art teachers