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The FIRST EVER Digital Art Teacher Design Contest!

You are so awesome at teaching, motivating, and encouraging you students, that I thought it was about time to reward both student and teacher with a little gift. So...

The FIRST EVER Digital Art Teacher Design Contest!

Michael Bierut: Wow! That's a lot of awards

Fix in your mind the biggest, most important person you can think of. Now, imagine this person with hundreds of awards, distinctions, and accolades. This person would be a giant in whatever they did, right? Are you picturing Michael Bierut? If you were thinking about graphic design, then you certainly should have been. 

Michael Bierut: Wow! That's a lot of awards

Want a FUN Photo Assignment? Check Out these Light Painting Ideas

Painting in photography? You bet! The word “photo” means light in greek and “graphe" means drawing; so we’re just going to take it up a notch and paint instead of draw!

Let’s get down to business, how are we going to do it? You will need to gather a few things first:



Painting with Light Experiment! (BONUS PHOTO ASSIGNMENT)

George Lois: The Man with the Idea

Born in 1931, George Lois has been a staple in the graphic design community for a long, long time. In his mind, a career in the arts was never a question, "Drawing every second since I was 5 years old, led me to the High School of Music & Art."

From there he was struck by the concept of what he calls "The Big Idea". As an advertising designer, this means that the idea that he comes up with should not only stick in the minds of the viewer, but it should "sear the virtues of the product into the viewer's brain and heart".

George Lois

Go for a More Relaxed Feel: Low Contrast in Photography

In my last blog, I introduced contrast and highlighted how to take high contrast images. This week we are going to take a look at low contrast images, why they are important, and how to look for them in your photography.

High contrast is extremely valuable in photography because it really makes the image stand out and make a statement.



3 tips for shooting LOW CONTRAST photos

How to Make your Photos POP! High Contrast in Photography

What makes people stop and admire your photography? What makes your image pop off the wall and say “LOOK AT ME!!!”

High contrast photos have a way of doing both those things! There are 3 different kinds of contrast in photography: High, Normal, and Low. 

Low contrast means that there is very little value change. It could be that the the light is mostly dark, mostly grays OR mostly light. The key is that there is not a lot of contrast in low contrast photos.



How to Make your Photos POP! High Contrast in Photography

3 Tips for Finding AWESOME Pattern in Photography

Pattern is something that you see EVERYWHERE. Not only art, but in nature, architecture, product design, even science! Why do you think that they stress learning patterns as early as kindergarten! It is important!

Finding pattern in photography is not hard, it just takes a little extra intentional observation. Take a leaf for example. Any leaf will do. Look at the way that the veins on a leaf. Notice how they methodically trace themselves back to the central vein and into the stem. That’s pattern! 



3 tips for finding AWESOME pattern in photography

How To Take Pictures that Tell a Story and See Amazing Results

Story telling in photography...I would argue that every photograph you take tells a story. How well the story is told, however, depends on the skill and creativity of the photographer.

Confused? Take this photo for example:



3 tips for telling stories with your photography

What is Candid Photography? 5 Tips to Improve your Photos!

So the last article was all about how to use a flash…well now we are going to throw all of that out the window! For candid photography, you want to almost be sneaky. Not because you are doing something wrong... no, no, but because you are trying to catch people without them knowing you're taking their picture.



Taking candid photos

Flash Photography: How to Take Astounding Photos with Your External Camera Flash

As promised, today we are going to talk about using an external flash on your DSLR camera. Scroll to the end of this post for a FREE project outline about using your speedlight.

There are SO MANY resources on how to use a speedlight (or external) flash, so I am going to give you some quick tips for using your external flash when you are just starting out.

This post is going to focus on how to use a speedlight as it sits on the top of your camera. NOT mounted on a side stand. 




How to use a SPEEDLIGHT