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What are the Benefits of Pretesting? Get this Digital Art Sample Test!

Just as digital art is a new subject in many schools, it is relatively new here at Digital Art Teacher! The digital art curriculum we offer includes some new material and some units that have been borrowed from our graphic design and digital photography curriculums.



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Do You Use Anchor Projects? Try this in Your Digital Photography Classroom!

Last week I sent out a “teacher’s toolkit” for starting the year for graphic design including enough resources to help you get through the first week of school. This week, I am going to take a slightly different approach. 



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Teaching High School Graphic Design? This Start-Up Kit is for You!

Ahhh, the summer holidays. At this point in the year, you’re probably sitting on your back deck, sipping a glass of sweet wine and thinking, “This is the life!”



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What are Good Art Movies That You Can Show at School?

I wanted to do a post all about digital art documentaries that could be shown in the classroom, but it turns out that there really aren’t any good ones out there yet! Maybe that’s something that I could look into one day…



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What are Good Graphic Design Movies That You Can Show at School?

It's the end of the year, you've got projects finishing up, and it's not quite time for finals yet. What can you do to fill a class or two while you wait to walk out those front doors and shout your favorite s word? …Summer! (Or your other favorite s word, if you feel so inclined. :-)



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Need a Digital Art Final? Round Up the Year with a Project Assessment!

The year is rounding down! The end is in sight and you can smell the summer air wafting through your classroom windows…or maybe you just have to imagine that you can smell it because the windows in your room don’t actually open for student safety…



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Teach Students How to do Digital Art with these Great Curriculum Suggestions

Digital Art. The website is called Digital Art Teacher, but have you ever noticed that we don’t actually have an art curriculum focused on digital art?




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Make Your Needs Known: How to Reach Out to Your Administration

Most of my blog posts are geared towards students, but this one is just for all my art teacher homies! ;) Today I want to talk to you about something that may or may not be a touchy subject for you: how to ask for help. Specifically, how to ask for help from your principal…yikes!



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7 Elements of Design that Make Any Design Better!

For the past 14 weeks, we discussed and learned so much more about the 7 elements of design. We also went through numerous tutorials for all of these elements to have clearer and better understanding how each of the elements affect artworks. 



7 Elements of Design that Make Any Design Better!