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Jessica Walsh


It’s time to mix things up a little bit with a more modern designer. Introducing: Jessica Walsh. In her elementary years, she became fascinated with all things graphic design. In high school she would create websites for individuals and small businesses.

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Famous Graphic Designer Profile: Saul Bass and Corporate Logo design

Though Saul Bass created some amazingly long-lasting logos, that is not really what he was known for. His real fame came from his revolution of the presentation of movie credits (yes, those short graphic sequences at the beginning of the movie…which perhaps you like to fast forward through…).

Carmen Jones title sequence

It was in this line of work that he met his wife, Elaine Makatura. They worked together on the title sequence of the film Spartacus in 1960. At this time in his life he worked on many films, both creating title sequences and designing the movie posters. Some of his most iconic movie posters were Vertigo, Anatomy of a Murder and The Man with the Golden Arm.



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Famous Graphic Designer Profile: Massimo Vignelli and His Philosophy of Design

To contrast with the famous graphic designer in my last post, Massimo Vignelli’s style of designing was incredibly simple. So simple, that you may look at his work, and think, “I could do that!” Perhaps you would be right, but Vignelli worked the way he did with almost religious precision.



Famous Graphic Designer Contest!

Famous Graphic Designer Contest!

Welcome to our Fall Famous Graphic Designer Contest!
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Our second biannual design contest will be open to the students of teachers who are members at This contest will be a little different; it will piggy-back off the Introduction To Graphic Design lesson. Both student and teacher of the winning design will receive a prize (books, sketchbooks, pencil kits, see below) which will be mailed to the recipients’ school on Nov 1st.

Graphic Design Curriculum Update: Introduction to Graphic Design for Beginners

Graphic Design Curriculum Update: Introduction to Graphic Design for Beginners

Teaching Graphic Design to High School: A Simple Introduction to basic design

So, your teaching graphic design to high school students (YAY!)… Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Where do I start?” Maybe you’re thinking, “I’ve never taught this before and I don’t know what to do!” Or maybe you just want to quit and find a new job where you don’t even have to worry about it…

This unit has been fully updated with PowerPoint, assignment page (with answer key), formative and summative assessments, and more! Should you decide to purchase, click below and use this coupon code: ZKCM7X8W04, to receive 25% off this unit (valid through 9/17/19)!

If you like it and want more, you could subscribe for access to the full site, but don’t dilly dally (yes, I just said that)! The membership is only open for the remainder of September this year!

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Stanley Morison: How Times New Roman has Changed Typography forever

As we continue to look at the importance of typography, let’s jump to the early 20th century and peek into the life of Stanley Morison. While he was responsible for the fairly large contribution to typography by creating Times New Roman, his beginnings were rather humble.

Born in Britain in 1889, Morison left school at 14 with only an elementary education. His father abandoned his family and so, as was the custom in those days, he left school to find a job to take up where his father left off.