And we have a winner…

Presenting to you winning design of the first ever Digital Art Teacher Design Contest!

Typography Graphic Design Contest
By Maria, ​New Jersey, Grade 12

I just LOVE the way this design puts a different spin on the project as a whole. I love the way the bend in the letters gives it a 3D effect and the clever use of words throughout the whole piece. NICE JOB Maria!

If you didn’t get a chance to enter this contest, no worries! There will definitely be more opportunity (more details this fall). In the mean time, check out some of the other awesome entries that were considered, there were some good ones!

Typography project example
By Jase, Missouri, Grade 9
Typography project example
By Meredith, Missouri, Grade 9
Typography project example
By Gabrielle, Nevada, Middle School

NOTE: I should mention that there were a few more entries that were fantastic! BUT, they didn’t follow the parameters of the project and thus they were not considered. Should you enter a contest in the future, keep this in mind!

Thanks to all who participated and keep your eyes pealed this fall for more information on another design contest to come!

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