In my last post, I talked about my experience with graphic design in that first month of school. In this post, I will discuss how my digital photography class threw me for a loop.

Luckily, I did know how to take a quality pictures; I had grown up doing photography for 4-H and knew at least a couple of things about composition. However, I quickly learned that knowing how to take pictures didn’t mean I knew the best way to teach someone to take pictures!

There was also the fact that this class also used Photoshop…which I knew nothing about. So now, I am trying to teach kids how to use their cameras, take quality pictures, and use Photoshop…AND for some reason, students didn’t take pictures for their photography class (I don’t understand this). Even today, some students do not take photos for me. (You are in a photography class, for crying out loud! Does anyone else have problems with this?) Weird.

My first project was my one saving grace in this class. I decided to do something experimental called the “camera i” a room.” Here i” a link to the lesson I created, and here is a link to an example of it on YouTube. It went off well, and the kids truly did enjoy it.

After that, things went downhill. I mentioned my difficulties with the computers in the last post, but it was also that I couldn’t get them to take pictures; I couldn’t do it! Looking back now, I think it was partly a lack of motivation on that (there will always be a lack of inspiration when it comes to high school students) and partly my inability to explain what I expected from them.

It was just a massive circle of confusion that I am not sure was ever broken…those poor students in that first year …well, let’s say things have improved exponentially since then- for all parties involved! 

If you want to check out my digital photography lessons, here is a link to the library. Again, browse the videos for free! 

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