Do you ever just let your imagination take you away? Have you ever looked at a Chicken and wondered what it would look like if it had the legs of a cow? How about a dog with a head of cauliflower? Well, if you have, then you will love exploring this week’s famous digital artist, Stephen McMennamy.

His fun and whimsical take on everyday things is reminiscent of Sean Charmatz’s work from last week’s post, but he definitely has his own style and his photography is phenomenal. Check out his instagram to see hundreds of photo mashups that he terms “combophotos”.

All of this is really just a hobby, however. Like Batman, he has a day job as well. He started in advertising and now works as an art director. He broke away from his left brain oriented engineer father and grandfather and pursued a more creative right brain profession. 

Attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, Stephen actually studied fine arts. Upon graduation, he switched to advertising and has worked for some very big names like AT&T. He is very successful and he likes his job, but as with many people, he needed an outlet.

The digital art hobby came about one day when he was standing in front of the empire state building while eating the banana. He looked up at the skyscraper, then looked at his banana, and thought, “What if…” and the rest is history!

Sometimes his images are planned and he is looking for the right picture, sometimes just looks at something and wonders things like, “What would it look like if the ice cream cone that my daughter is holding was actually filled with sand and had an excavator on top of it instead of a cherry?”

He loves a creative challenge and his combophotos provide it for him. What about you? What creative challenges are you trying to solve today? 

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