Cute! This is how you would describe today’s digital artist in one word. Lynn Chen, currently a visual development artist for Warner Brothers, has always loved art, but her hobby turned into passion when she went to an art college and used her first Wacom tablet.

Born in China, Lynn moved to California to realize her dreams of becoming a digital illustrator. Before college, she mostly did doodles and drawings during class. This, as you can imagine, was not popular with most teachers. These days she works digitally from start to finish.

Lynn has only recently started working for Warner Brothers in the animation department. In the past she worked as a 2D artist doing character design and background paintings for social game industries and her clients were FunPlus Games, Illumination, Dreamworks TV and Nick Jr.

However, like most artists, Lynn has a side project of her own. It is a passion project centered around her corgi. That’s right, you read correctly, she finds inspiration from her dog! This is where you can really see her style and the cuteness that exudes from her work. “I love to convey a lighthearted mood in my art,” says Lynn. “I believe cuteness will always have its audience, just as other styles always have their audiences too.”

Lynn ChenLynn Chen

Lynn Chen
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If you’re interested in following in Lynn’s footsteps, she leaves this advice for you: “Try to set a personal project of your own. This project should not be for any clients or classes. It’s a project for you to draw the things you love to draw. [A] personal project is art therapy. It should be a reminder of the simple joy of doodling that gets us started to pursue art as a career.” If you’re going to do it, you’ve got to love it!

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