Has school started!? Summer sure went by fast…as usual…(why is it always surprising when school starts? It’s not like it’s unexpected, yet every year it seems to creep up on me…)

Are you ready? I think I must be; I’ve had weird dreams about teaching. Everything from having a completely different room to getting to school and realizing I forgot to get dressed! (Yes, I actually had that dream.)

The weirdest thing is (and I am a little afraid to tell you this) I am not returning to school this year. I just had my 3rd child and am staying home this year. I am SO EXCITED to embark on this new adventure, and I hope you will not think less of me because I am not teaching. I still have 7 years of teaching under my belt, and I plan to continue making top-notch lesson plans for you!

I think the strangest thing is that I sent my Kindergartener to school yesterday…and stayed home. So weird. I wasn’t really emotional about it, but the house was a little lacking without him.

Usually, by this time, I would be in school, listening to new policies implemented, major budget items decided on, or…whatever educational jargon that my administration had decided was necessary for that year. All of that is important, I know. But I also know that every single teacher in that room is thinking about what they should be doing to prepare students to return in a couple of days.

So whether you have already sat through those meetings or are still looking forward to them, here are some tips for getting through the dreaded (I mean…very important) in-service days:

That’s all I’ve got for you on that score. If you need some ideas for your graphic design or digital photography class, check out my lesson library! Cut down on the planning you need to do and spend your time on something else! Like going to in-service meetings…

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