Finding his beginnings as a graphic design graduate from Brigham Young University, Jason Naylor’s career took a huge turn when he moved to New York City for a change of scenery and to “immerse himself into the life, color and magic of NYC.” He found a job working in the Creative Department at M·A·C Cosmetics, but after working with some freelance artists and desiring to set off on his own and spread his own message on the streets, he made a career change.

If you scroll down this page, glance at his work, and think to yourself, “wait a minute, this guy isn’t really a digital artist,” you would be right… But you would also be wrong. You see, for this graffiti artist, it all starts with a relatively simple digital art process that he does on his iPad before every project. He is also active in the “lettering community” (did you know that there was such a thing?). So for Jason, everything starts with the digital and he works in both digital and traditional mediums.

He works in a wide range of artistic mediums, he is a typographer, digital illustrator, product designer, but he loves to make street art in New York. His work is instantly recognizable by the bright colors and rich blacks, but it is equally recognized by messages of love positivity. His positive words reflect his passion for life and joy.

He says that kindness is the key to success and you can see it everywhere in his work. He has worked with companies like Coach, Pepsi, Guess, XBOX and Maybelline and he only works with select companies. He says that his work “is all about messaging, and the first thing I look for is whether the brand has wholesome values or DNA that aligns with mine.”

Jason is an inspiring figure to be sure. His optimistic attitude exudes humility and confidence and his mission is to “spread color and positivity across the globe.” I’ll let you judge his work for yourself to see if you think he is well on his way to his goal.

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