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Selman Hoşgör


Why do old photographs create wonderful digital collages? Using vintage pictures in a collage lends fresh significance to a certain historical event. A picture collage of vintage images provides an excellent great conversation piece.

When it comes to creating digital collages, Selman Hoşgör's skills shine most in this area.

Selman Hoşgor is a visual artist based in London who works in a variety of media. He completed his bachelor's degree in graphic design from Kadir Has University in Istanbul.

He attended the Central Saint Martins art school in London, where he focused on illustration and typography as his areas of study.

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Selman is also known for his remarkable digital collage artwork that emphasizes the transformational nature of the creative process via the movement,  dissolution, and reconstruction of graphic components or, in the jargon of the digital realm, GIFs.

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The use of GIFs, which allow for breathing motion, makes his digital collage arts more fascinating than simply on its static form; it represents a significant innovation in modern digital collage. 

In Selman's viewpoint, animated collage is already engaging, but it will become an even more interesting design trend due to the incorporation of aspects of surprise, delight, and visual complexity.

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According to Selman, collage is the combination of many various techniques in which one can express oneself. To be able to create your digital collage ideas into a collage piece, you have to access a variety of methods of self-expression, all of which are completely subject to your whims and preferences. You may actually "manipulate" any image that fits your technique, and it can be anything.

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