Have you ever seen those abstract letter photos? Of course, they’ve been around for a while, but they are still a fun, unique gift. So how do you take cool pictures like that? Well, I’m happy you asked!

Alphabet photography is essentially taking pictures of objects that look like letters. One good technique for making letter photos is in using the macro mode. (Here is a link to my macro-mode blog post.) But that doesn’t mean every letter you find must use macro mode!

Below are some tips for creating some rockin’ photography letters!

Here are some tips for making some cool alphabet photos of your own:

1. Get in close! Use that macrocode setting. (It’s the one that usually looks like a flower on your camera dial) Get in even closer than you think you do, it makes for less post-editing.

macro by Dmitriy Ivanov from the Noun Project

2. Look intentionally. You may look a little strange to your friends as you lean in uncomfortably close to a fence post or the little pin on the fire extinguisher…but if you aren’t looking for letters, you won’t find them!

3. Stay outside. It is just better lighting, and since you will be getting close to objects, it will make it easier for your camera to focus.

Photo by form PxHere
Photo by form PxHere 

4. Make sure you have enough light! Taking pictures outside will help with this, but get out at the right time of day. Get out during daylight hours. (PRO TIP: If you photograph something with direct sunlight, you can show off some good texture!) 


5. Avoid distracting backgrounds that interfere with the letter. Position yourself so you can see the letter and pay attention to what’s behind it. If your letter competes with the picture’s background, the background will probably win! 

6. Don’t take pictures of existing letters (so no billboard or graffiti letters). If you get creative and find letters in unlikely places!

7. Oh, and don’t forget…HAVE FUN!!! Think outside the box, and if you like, you can post your images on my Facebook page; I’d love to see them!

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