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5 Principles to Follow to Make an Impressive Graphic Design Logo

The graphic design logo is the introduction to a business brand; a visual representation of what a company does. A good logo catches the eye of a consumer and compels them to buy. A bad logo is forgotten at best, but can actually turn people away from a company if it is done wrong.

So how do you make creative logo design? Below there are 5 logo design principles that you can follow as you create to ensure that your logo will be noticed and truly represent a business brand.


Simple logos allow for easy recognition. They feature something unique without being overstated. It doesn't add any of the extra fluff that you might see in an amateur design.

Bass was a pioneer in international brand marketing and their logo is about as simple as it gets! The Bass Red Triangle is one of the world's oldest logos, trademarked in 1875. It is believed that Bass was actually the first logo to have been trademarked in the United Kingdom under the Trade Mark Registration Act of 1875.

Image Source

Nike does not use too many elements in their logo, it’s simple and to the point. The check mark design was intended to represent the wing of the goddess of victory: Nike. The fluid and smooth design represents movement and speed. Graphic designer Carolyn Davidson sold the design to Nike in 1971 for $35. 

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A memorable logo will stick out in the minds of customers and be recognized every time they see it. It visually says, “Look at me! Remember me!”

The McDonalds logo was made to resemble new arch shaped signs on the sides of the restaurants. It was designed by Jim Schindler in 1962.

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The I “Heart” NY logo is one of the most recognizable tourist  logos in the world. There are multiple cities and establishments who copy the simple, memorable design. It was designed by Milton Glaser in 1977.

I heart ny
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A Timeless logo avoid trends. They DON’T use pictures and/or graphics that will be old next year. As you create a logo, ask yourself: “Will it endure over time? Will the logo still be effective in 10, 20, or 50 years?” 

The Shell logo has essentially stayed the same since 1971, but it has kept the same shell shape since 1904.

Image Source

Coca Cola has also pretty much remained the same since 1897. The colors may change, but the basic idea stays the same. When the company shifts to try something different (like in 1890) they always come back to the simple handwritten version.

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A versatile logo should be able to work in different mediums and applications. When setting out to design a logo, ask yourself these core questions: 

  1. Printed in black and white?
  2. Printed to the size of a postage stamp?
  3. Print as large as a billboard?
  4. Printed in reverse (ie. light logo on dark background)

Check out the various applications in which the Amazon Logo is used and how seamlessly it works to bring the viewer’s mind back to their brand. Whether the logo is presented on something as large as a truck or something as small as a gift card, the smile is always visible and recognizable. In logo design, even if a part of the logo is used, it can still be recognized and effective.

Amazon Truck
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Amazon Box
Image Source
Amazon Cup/Card
Image Source


Based on what the company does, is the logo appropriate for its intended use? For example, imagine “serious” law practice using a childish font and multiple bright colors in their logo. What kind of person would such a logo attract?

On the other hand, the simple, rounded corners of the Burger King text not only give off a somewhat playful vibe, but the red color is also a great color to simulate hunger. Placing the “bun” around the letters really drives the company’s message home! The current design was made by Sterling Brands.

Burger King
Image Source


To recap, create an effective logo that will not only be noticed, but also be remembered. Follow the 5 rules outlined above: Simple, Memorable, Timeless, Versatile, and Appropriate. If you do this, you’ll be set!

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