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Famous Graphic Designer Contest!
Welcome to our Fall Famous Graphic Designer Contest!
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Our second biannual design contest will be open to the students of teachers who are members at This contest will be a little different; it will piggy-back off the Introduction To Graphic Design lesson. Both student and teacher of the winning design will receive a prize (books, sketchbooks, pencil kits, see below) which will be mailed to the recipients’ school on Nov 1st.

To Enter:

  • Every qualifying student will submit a short description of a famous graphic designer whom they admire. The description must include (1) the branch of design in which they work (advertising, brand design, book cover design, etc.), (2) an explanation of why they admire that designer, and (3) reasons why they would like or dislike working in that field. Also, attach a picture of their favorite work. (An example has been attached to this form. :)
  • Fill out the Entry Form online. If you submit more than one design, you’ll need to fill it out and submit it twice. You’ll receive an email confirmation.
  • NOTE: this contest is only open to CURRENT MEMBERS. There is still time to subscribe! Check out this link to learn more!

Format and Submissions:

  • Each teacher may submit as many students as fulfill the requirements for his/her class.
  • Submissions must be sent in a PDF format.
  • All submissions must be school appropriate. Digital Art Teacher reserves the right to reject entries that are gratuitously violent, sexually suggestive, vulgar, or otherwise offensive.


  • Sept. 25: Contest opens.
  • Oct. 25: Contest closes. Entries must be submitted BY MIDNIGHT.
  • Oct. 28: Results decided by the judge and emailed to all participants.
  • Nov. 1: Winner posted online at and our Facebook page.


  • Pieces will be judged on a thorough and well thought out description and a completion of all the requirements mentioned above.
  • Chelsea Lewis (founder of Digital Art Teacher) will be judging.
  • The decision of the judge is final.

Prizes for BOTH teacher and student:


Prizes for teacher only:

famous graphic designer contest

So I hope you will join us in celebrating all of your fine work and in celebrating the creativity of the students that you work to serve! THANK YOU for all that you do! Click the button below to download the pdf with all the contest info and to stay up to date with the contest dates and deadlines! 

Here is the Entry Form if you want to jump to see it. Good luck!