How to give EXTRA CREDIT without seeming like a pushover!

Giving extra credit in a photography class

How many times have you heard: “How can I get extra credit in your class?”

Usually, at least in my experience, this question comes 2 days before the end of term from a student who is 2% away from the next letter grade and is desperately trying to raise it just enough to make the grade or even to pass my class.

So here’s how I handle it: I say, “Yes! Absolutely! Go take some pictures at some school events…though I’m not sure how many school events are planned for the next 2 days.”

I can say this because at the beginning of the school year, I have already given them this opportunity. I allow them to take pictures at school events throughout the whole semester (and turn in pictures up to 10 times).

This way, I don’t have to dread the question, because before it leaves their lips, it has already been answered!

I don’t care what they take pictures, as long as it gets them out at school games, meets, dances, etc. I have even accepted a cool class science project before.

Of course, don’t just accept any picture. The images they turn in still have to be quality images and display good composition as we have discussed in class. 

As I have always said in class, “There is no reason you should fail this class. All you have to do is TAKE PICTURES! After all, you are in a photography class!” (But that doesn’t stop some of them…)

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