Alphabet photography

Alphabet photography photo assignment

Have you ever seen those abstract letter photos? They’ve been around for a while, but they are still a fun unique gift. So how do you take cool photos like that? Well, I’m so glad you asked!

Alphabet photography are really just macro-mode photos. (Here is a link to my macro-mode blog post)

Here are some tips for making some really cool alphabet photos of your own:

  1. Get in close! Use that macrocode setting. (It’s the one that usually looks like a flower on your camera dial) Get in even closer than you think you do, it makes for less post-editing.
  2. Look intentionally. You may look a little strange to your friends as you lean in uncomfortably close to a fence post or the little pin on the fire extinguisher…but if you aren’t looking for letters, then you won’t find them!
  3. Stay outside. It is just better lighting, and since you will be getting in close to objects, it will make it easier for your camera to focus.

Join me for an Alphabet photo challenge next week (September 24, 2018)! For each day (on week days) I am going to post a new letter (in alphabetical order). I'll be posting on facebook and instagram. I hope you'll consider joining me!

Anyone who completes the photo challenge from start to finish (abiding by the guidelines below) will receive 40% off any subscription plan!

And of those who finish the challenge, I will enter their names into a drawing for ONE FREE MONTH subscription! 

That is up to $60 in savings! Just post your photos either to instagram or my facebook page with #alphabetphotochallenge. Tag me when you finish the challenge, I'll be looking for you!

So pull out those cameras and start finding some letters! But here are a few guidelines to get you started:

  1. As much as you can, try to get a good shot with enough light
  2. Make it easy to see the letter in question, avoid distracting backgrounds that interfere with the letter
  3. Don't "create" letters with objects (so don't get sticks and form the letter or get your kids to bend their bodies to a letter, etc)
  4. Don't take pictures of letters that already exist (so no billboard or graffiti letters)
  5. Only post on weekdays and post each letter on it's appointed day (give yourself a rest on weekends :)
  6. Oh, and HAVE FUN!!! 

Thats it for this one, it’s pretty straight forward. If you want a project sheet that lists all this plus some post editing tips, click below! (Note that you will be added to my email list. No spamming, I promise!)