Advanced Photography Photo Assignments for high schoolers

Advanced Photography Photo Assignments

Do you have difficulty getting students to take photos? I never understood why it was so difficult to get kids to do this. It seems like it would be easy…you just have to take pictures! Even if they aren’t very good, at least bring in something!

But no, week after week, I would have students not bring in photos. I think I have it figured out: laziness and lack of imagination. Not that they don’t have an imagination, they just don’t get the opportunity to exercise it often enough.

So, how do you spark the imagination of an unmotivated high school student? If I had the answer to that, I am quite certain that I would be an millionaire. But I do have a few ideas that seem to help at least some of my kiddos:

  1. Remind them OFTEN. Every day is good, maybe even at the beginning and end of class. Say something like, “Has anyone come up with any ideas for your photo assignment? Care to share?”
  2. Keep it simple. Kids seem to get nervous when they have too many steps. It’s like me and a new recipe; if there are too many steps, I’m looking for a different recipe.
  3. Do it with them. It seems like this tip works really well to challenge them and show them that it is possible to do the project without too much fuss. After all, if YOU can do it with your busy schedule, surely THEY can get it done too…

Of course, these aren’t guaranteed wins, but they will help some of your students stay on top of photo assignments. It is specifically important to try to keep them motivated at the beginning of the school year, because once they’re behind, it’s hard to get them motivated to jump back in and get started again.

If you need some ideas on photo assignments, feel free to get this free download which includes a list of photo assignments that I have used with my advanced students. As the fall semester ensues, I will be highlighting each photo assignment with helpful examples and definitions. The document attached currently does not have the articles ready because they haven’t been posted yet! But stay posted and I’ll be presenting them for you weekly!