Introducing DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY lessons!

Teaching Digital Photography to high school kids! Lesson Plans, PowerPoints, Photo Assignments and more!

Something new and exciting here at the Digital Art Teacher: I’ll now be offering Photography lessons! As part of these lessons, I’ll be adding new blog posts discussing what quality photography looks like and giving simple tips to help improve student photography.

Photography, I think is an interesting art. I say this because anybody can do it, but not everybody has the patience it takes to actually learn how to see with a photographer’s eye. One of the first things I say to the kids who take my digital photography class is, “In this semester, I will be teaching you how to see."

It’s actually harder than you might think. People (especially high school kids) take thousands of pictures a year. But a picture is not a piece of art until you actually visualize what the image will look like before you snap a shot. There is a difference between a snapshot and a quality photo.

With these photo lessons, I hope to teach kids how to use their cameras (even the ones on their phones) for more than just selfies. I hope that they will be able to recognize a quality photo and be able take quality photos. Photos that are interesting to look at and tell a viewer a story without uttering a word. Besides, many artists aren’t very good with words anyway. 

The file below is a sneak peak to what is to come in these lessons. It's a famous photographer research project. Download it FREE! 

I will be adding new lessons every week for the next two months AND I will be writing a new blog post weekly discussing photo-taking tips for students (and teachers :) to use when taking pictures.

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