Welcome to the new site!


I admit that it has been a very long time since I have blogged on this site...I have been working through a lot of technical difficulties of late. I have also been revamping the site to be a little more user friendly. And one more thing...

The truth is that I was terrified of copyright, and I almost gave up the whole Digital Art Teacher idea all together. Ironic, isn't it? Since my latest blog post was all about copyright. Anyway, I found out that I had unintentionally broken copyright, and I pretty much ran away with my tail between my legs. 

Now I am trying to be much more careful, being aware of just how vast the realm of copyright extends. 

I am no expert, but below are some things that I learned through this process, I would hate for any of you to go through my heart ache and confusion.

  1. Check and double check your content. See, when I started putting my lessons online, I had been teaching for 5 years already, some stuff that I thought I had created myself, I had copied from somewhere else. Copying content for educational purposes is okay. It's good even! Nobody needs to reinvent the wheel. But since I started this website with the intent to sell, This was a big issue. Which brings me to the next point:
  2. Identify your purpose. If you are using content for your classroom, you have the right to copy what you need for your lessons. As long as that content is made readily available (on the internet or any other form..if anybody uses other forms of information distribution anymore). If you are aiming to sell that content, things get a whole lot stickier.
  3. Don't be afraid to ask. This is my best piece of advice. If you are wanting to use a bit of someone else's work, but don't know if it would be ok, ASK! Most of the time, people don't care. Especially if you leave a link to their site somewhere. If they say no, no problem! The internet is so vast, surely you can find another solution to your problem.

Those were the big points, hopefully that helps you at least clear the muddy waters of copyright at least a little bit. :) Here is a link to my blog post where I talk about how to find free images and another website that I find particularly helpful when looking deciphering what is under "fair use".

So...now I am back online, selling my curriculum to anyone who needs them. I thank everyone who has already purchased from me, and if you have not purchased from me, I thank you for your interest. I am writing this blog post to demonstrate my honesty and to hopefully help you understand why I have been so absent.

I believe that the lessons on my site are good and that they will simplify your life. I also want you to understand that I will do everything in my power to as original and transparent as possible.

Have any questions for me about this journey? Send me an email, I'd love to chat! Do you have any questions about copyright, or just want to rant about it a little? Leave a comment below!