IT'S HERE!!! High School Graphic Design in Adobe Illustrator Video Tutorial!!! FREE!!!


Disclaimer: This is an old post. If you are interested in graphic design lessons, go to the "All Lessons" tab to preview my lesson resources. Thanks!


They are finally finished!

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These videos outline the elements of design as the students learn Adobe Illustrator. It's like killing two birds with one stone! The lesson outlines line, shape, color, value, space, and texture. It also takes the students through the basics of using the Illustrator program: opening a page, adding new artboards, using specific tools, etc.

If you like these videos, you can pre-order my nine-week lesson plan pack which will be ready by the New Year (2016). These lessons include video tutorials, lesson plans aligned to the National Core Arts Standards, PowerPoint presentation, detailed Examples, and more!

If you try these video tutorials, let me know! I want to know if you like them or if there is anything which could be done better! Thanks in advance!